Hail to the queen

my name is rayna.  it is pronounced just as it is spelled – “ray” and then “na”.  i was named after an android from the star trek original series – a beautiful and smart one, romanced by captain kirk.

people often mispronounce my name, calling me  “R -eye- na” or “re-ana” or “rina”.  mispellings range from raina, reyna, rana (latin for frog), to reina (spanish for queen).  i have even been called “regina” from time to time.  but as i travel around the world and am always meeting new people, i found it easier to say “just call me queen…”

my namesake was a robot who learned how to love and to embrace a world that was beyond her imagination – a unique quality that her creator could not understand or recreate.  like her, i am one of a kind – cultured and quirky with a never ending thirst for adventure.  this BLOG will be separated into 8 different categories:

* rayna the explorer – who doesn’t love traveling?  there is nothing like experiencing different cultures through sights and tastes

* flavors anew – i love to eat.  come follow my food adventures from restaurants to dives all over the world

* weekly confections – each week my kitchen is filled with smells and sights of goodies made with new recipes and flavor combinations.  some are hits, other misses.  come join a sweet photographic journey of my culinary art.

* home cooking – from the savory side of my kitchen, check out what’s for dinner at my house…

* saving the arts – there is nothing more impressive to me than a live performance on stage.  influenced by living in NYC for 4 years and a high school english teacher who first exposed me to the theatre arts, i currently hold season tickets to several production companies around the bay area and try to see productions each time i go abroad. come join the fun!

* creative gifting – anybody can buy a present from a store, but how much more special is a gift from the heart.  check out creative ideas that won’t break the bank but are so much fun to make and give

* orange blossoms – the name of my former shop (soon to be etsy shop), follow my hand made creations…

* living colorfully – i’d like to think that the gold is in the rainbow and not at the end.  colors are what makes life fun and interesting – from makeup to fashion to the arts.  check out some of my hits and misses of products and samples.

are you ready?  come join me on this journey of creativity and class, just like a queen.

**  you can also follow me on instagram© at just.call.me.queen or on pintrest© as justcallmequeen.

** looking for quick suggestions or ideas?  check out “running lists”!

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