Confessions of a caffeine addict

Sad but true, I cannot go a day without coffee. Training to be an MD before all this 80 hour a week nonsense, I came to rely on this beverage to get through long study days and extra long shifts. A diet coke is merely a pick me up and could never substitute for the real deal!

I would love to say that I am a coffee connoisseur, but I down the stuff so fast that I can barely distinguish light from dark. But now that I am 10+ years out of training, I have come to appreciate coffee more than just a daily “necessity” and do have some faves…

My number one:

IMG_2814Go to is just regular coffee (both light and dark are good for me) with a scoop of their sugar free vanilla – Iced or hot, both hit the spot for me. Home of the “original” ice blended, I do prefer it to you standard frappaccino. And nothing beats the Black Forest – with blended chocolate covered espresso beams and cherries! On days when I have already had my cup of joe, it is hard to resist going in for one of their tea lattes – apricot ceylon, morrocan mint, tropical passion. Actually, any of their teas will do! Baked goods there are not too bad – their chocolate twists are now reduced fat but there was a time when it was not and super delish.

Second, would be Philz. A Bay Area institution for creative blends and drip coffee, I am loving the fact that they have branched out from their home base in the San Francisco mission district.

IMG_2112  Of course, their mint mojito iced coffee is my fave to get on the go!

Third, would be blue bottle. Another Bay Area institution for drip coffee, I love their New Orleans iced coffee on a hot day. Thankfully, they started selling this delicious concoction in a carton, so I can have it anytime at home!


And for every day and always a winner is Peets. I am so glad that you can get this everywhere now and even as a K cup!

IMG_2977 you can find this in my kitchen all the time!

IMG_2204  if you are in the bay area, you may want to venture out to berkeley for a special treat of white chocolate mocha from cafe strada.  i first this discovered this in college and sitting there with this cup of deliciousness on hand always brings back special memories.

another place for good coffee and a mocha bianca is espresso roma.  IMG_3034  there are several in berkeley and a good place to study with wifi.  the espresso here is fantastic – a great pick me up when you need one.

You might be thinking, who is this girl? A wannabe coffee lover who is really only exposed to this delicacy because of a physiologic need for caffeine?? Living in the Bay Area, I have met “coffee experts” or people who go out of their way to know coffee like wine. I admit, I am not one of them but I can also say that I am glad that I not – why be a snob over something that should be just enjoyed?

I have traveled a good part of the world and do believe that the best espressos are in Rome and some of the most flavorful blends of coffee come from Costa Rica and parts of South America. Whenever I am in Italy, i am always struck with the consistency of strength and goodness of espresso throughout the country. In the states, good coffee is not universal and it does take some effort to find “go to” coffee places or coffee that works for you. I guess that’s where the snobbery comes in. But no matter what, you will always have Starbucks…

Pictured is a caramel ribbon frappaccino with an egg salad sandwich to go!


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