I drink a lot of coffee.  you can’t possible enjoy coffee without a baked good and what is a more classic combo than coffee and biscotti!

the first time i even considered making my own biscotti was years ago, when i went to stay with an acquaintance in San Antonio, Texas for a medical school interview.  though at the time, i wanted nothing more than to go to school in the same town where Max Lucado pastored a local church (whom at that time was my favorite christian writer/theologan), i was rejected.  😦  (only to go onto attend Albert Einstein – let’s give a shout out!)  but, it was in that visit when i saw how easy it was to make these confections…

a few weeks ago, my weekly confection were theses guys:


from cooks illustrated – going from top to bottom – lemon anise, honey lavendar, spiced, orange almond

i love florals and so i was immediately drawn to the honey lavendar.  all turned out very well, and i think i could try changing the size depending on my audience.  all, in all, very tasty.

but my favorite store bought is the famous hand made biscotti by Boncora – written up by almost every notable food writer in the country, it’s a sonoma based company and easily available in shops around the bay area.  they are melt in your mouth after you dunk them in coffee good!  my favorite are the chocolate covered ones!


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