I love scones. They started off me as an easy go to breakfast when I was post call and running late to church – less messy than than muffin and more filling than a cookie. But when I got to church, I would share my confection with my sweet baby godson. He would call them “big cookies” and we would forever be bonded.

**pictured is my godson BJ and his scones!


Scones are also delicious at high tea! My favorite of all times was in London at The Goring Hotel, where Kate Middleton stayed the night before her wedding. They were a little snooty – I got some questionable checking out in my pink cashmere BCBG sweater with skinny jeans and UGGS, accessorize with a Marc Jacobs classic q natasha and some sterling silver pieces from Tiffany’s. But I digress…

UnitedKingdom2013 4459

pictured are scones with clotted cream and a bun at goring’s high tea, with my sister in the background!

recently, at the ferry building, i saw these and couldn’t resist.  delish!


On the home front, the best scones I have ever made are from the cooks illustrated – their currant cream scones and fresh blueberry scones.


** blueberry picture above.  check out that fresh blueberry goodness!

What is great about cooks illustrated is that each recipe comes with variations. So how can I resist??


Oatmeal scones – cinnamon raisin, apricot almond, glazed maple pecan, and dried cherries with hazelnut. Best were the glazed, of course!  Who made the plate?  Kate Spade Saturday.

Thought the currant are my favorite, mix up the cream scone batter with some cranberries and orange zest!




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