An oldie in disguise…

when i was in medical school, i used to spend hours in the Sephora® on 5th avenue. my favorite thing to do was to try on different colored eyeshadows with their disposable wands.

at the time, I was obsessed with urban decay®. with eyeshadow names like stalker, envy, lust, shot gun, i was hooked with the coolness of it all.  in fact, i wore my favorites roach (a brown with a hint of sparkle) and asphyxia (an irridescent purple) for years.

IMG_2884  i even have eyes shadows with packaging from back in the day!

having oily skin, these eyeshadows really needs a primer to stay on.  if not, all that glitter ends up getting into my eye at the end of the day. So, as I matured, I started going for less sparkle and a better product. My go to now are the shadows from smashbox.

a couple of years ago, NAKED came out from urban decay and it seemed to be all the rage.


i have NAKED palate 3, which has mugshot and darkside. I then realized that this was an amazing way of repackaging some of their more subdued or sophisticated colors to target a whole new demographic! I mean I have some friends who used to tease me all the time about my obsession with urban decay® and now are all clamoring for a NAKED palate! It is genius, if you ask me.

So while my eyes may not have an iridescent hue all the time these days, i still have the sparkle and shimmer in the backdrop of my pretty eyeliners. I just have to remember to use primer!

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