Baby Boy Showers

My two best friends from college each gave birth to baby boys.  So, after throwing 2 baby boy showers, here are some of my fun ideas!

My favorite party favor, of course, is my signature bootie stuffed with candy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  i made all these during an A’s game.  multitasking is by far my greatest talent.  🙂

buy candy at easter or halloween so that they can fit into these little guys!

iphonebackup 007 iphonebackup 008  you can also make them in different colors.  i also like to tie a tag around each one stating the occasion and the date of the party

And always a winner is an animal theme and these guys as the decoration!

iphonebackup 164

for food, i can be cliche with blue foods –  a platter of blueberry tarts and blueberry almond bars alongside a platter of blueberry oatmeal cookies and chocolate chip (for variety)

iphonebackup 015 iphonebackup 014

my favorite cake to make is ina garten’s coconut cake or cupcakes.  they are by far the best recipes and everyone loves them everytime!iphonebackup 012

top them with a vanilla frosting with blue dye and gold sprinkles. if you are doing a layer cake or sheet cake, you can always decorate the cake to fit the theme.  i did a theme once with hawaiian ducks and you can bet they made the top of that cake!




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