For the past few years, Haven has been one of my favorite restaurant in Oakland.  i love its location on jack london square and i love the big windows that look out in the water.  The cuisine is clean and really celebrates local produce.  I have never had anything there that i didn’t like.

In the beginning, they had featured a very affordable prefix family style menu.  everything was so delicious and creative that i pretty much took everyone i know who loves food to dine with me!  each course was beautifully made and i always left completely satisfied.

Recently, I had a chance to go back with one of my best foodie friends.  excited to show her what Haven had to offer, i had completely forgotten that the chef de cuisine had changed.  immediately, i was sad to find out that the prefix menu is now gone.  but the food was still just as delicious.

starting with parisian dumplings with a fried egg emulsion and monterey squid with chorizo and smoked fingerlings, i almost licked their plates.


then onto the main menu for the bavette steak and roast chicken.  the steak was melt in your mouth delicious, but that portion cost as much as i would have paid for a half pound of a real steak!  my piece of roast chicken was beautiful but my friend’s was a bit dry.


while the desserts before on the prefix menu were delicious and creative, these left something more to be desired.  figs with lavendar shortbread with ice cream and sweet corn budino were bowls of disjointed flavors.  we had to force ourselves to finish it, which is not how i like to finish a meal.

IMG_2625 IMG_2626

but with ume closing and plum reopening, i am hopeful that haven will go back to it’s glory days for me.  http://www.havenoakland.com/

here are some throw back pictures to the days of the prefix menu.

iphone 177 iphone 178 iphone 179 iphone 180 iphone 181 iphone 183


iphone2 062 iphone2 065 iphone2 066 iphone2 067 iphone2 069 iphone2 070


iphone2 352 iphone2 353 iphone2 354 iphone2 356 iphone2 357 iphone2 359 iphone2 360 iphone2 361

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