nojo – sf

This is, no doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in the bay area.  Situated in hayes valley, i am a regular here on the days i have my season tickets to the ballet.  i love sitting in one of their wooden booths and enjoy a yummy brunch before a show.

my favorite is their ramen with grilled chicken confit and their mushroom tempura with meyer lemon.  i order both of these all the time and it is really hard to get me to order something else.

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for the purpose of this blog, i forced myself to venture out.  i tried some of their cold plates like the soba salad or cucumber salad.  i liked the latter one better.  the soba was well cooked but flavors were a bit disjointed.

iphone5may2014 004iphone4slastbackup 3938

how about fried small fishies over salad?  hmm, not so well paired and would have been more successful separated.  or how about their play on clams and frites?  this actually had fantastic seasoning with shichimi mayo and sake garlic butter.

iphone5may2014 003iphone4slastbackup 3939

i am partial to noodles over rice, so i tried these two.  first was was a chicken stir fry udon, which tastes just like chinese chow mein and i was not impressed.  the second is a udon soup noodle with duck and daikon.  flavorful, but made me miss my chicken confit ramen.

iphone5may2014 005iphone4slastbackup 3787

i’m usually a patron of the matinees but did get a chance to check out an evening production of the symphony last year.  my friends asked me where to eat before the show, and i said nojo!

we had their tempura and fried chicken wings…

iphone2 739 iphone2 740

then their squid and duck.  i love duck and this was done beautifully.

iphone2 741 iphone2 742 and to finish things off, the nojo sunday.  the fruit on top is seasonal but always on top of sesame ice cream and rice puffs with nuts.

iphone2 743 and just in time for the show!iphone2 749


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