Box and Bells

James Syhabout is the chef at Commis, the only restaurant in Oakland currently with a michelin star.  While I had the good fortune to eat there twice, I was excited when he opened Hawker Fare because it was a more affordable option.  While everything there is cooked beautifully, the menu is basically overpriced chinese food in a location that is 10 minutes away from chinatown.

But when Syhabout opened Box and Bells, i found my new favorite restaurant.  I’ve been there now several times and have yet to be dissappointed.  the food, like commis and hawker fare, is beautifuly made but also very creative in flavor combinations and textures.

These are images from my latest visit there –

IMG_2485 my cocktail is always the daiquiri number 3 – white rum, lime, maraschino, grapefruit

then the fried chicken appetizer with raw oyster mayonnaise and poutine fries with blood sausage gravy and cheese curds.


entrees were soft shell crab over polenta and calamari with beans.  both so fresh and really highlighted the seafood’s innate flavors


dessert?  a delicious ice cream sandwich with roasted bananas, caramel and nuts.  perfection!


and just for fun, here are some images of commis from 2011

iphone 068 iphone 069 iphone 070 iphone 071 iphone 072 iphone 073 iphone 074 iphone 075

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