burma superstar

one of my favorite memories during medical school was going to eat at this burmese restaurant in NYC after church.  i still remember the flavorful noodles with fried garlic that were so satisfying on a cold, snowy day.

a cult classic in the richmond district of san francisco, burma superstar’s long lines to get in were as known to me as their reputation for good food.  so imagine how happy i was when they decided to branch out into the east bay!  when they first opened in alameda, a good friend of mine became one of their waitresses.  i loved being able to support my friend, eat a good meal, and get to know the staff.  it made each dining experience more meaningful and i brought everyone i knew to eat there!  my friend has since moved on to other things, but burma superstar continues to be one of my favorite restaurants to eat in at or get take out.

i love lychee and mango flavors and their cocktail list is packed with them!

iphone2 104 a lychee mojito!

my favorite dish by far, in general and at this restaurant, is their tea leaf salad.  an array of sesame seeds, yellow beans, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, fried garlic, sunflower seaeds and fermented tea leaves are arranged separately as the dish is explained to you by the wait staff.  then the lemon is squeezed and the salad is mixed together.  delicious!  the flavor of the fermented tea leaves offer a really great bite to the other textures and earthiness of the beans and seeds.iphone2 102 iphone2 103

i love noodles and there is an array to choose from on their menu.  my favorite is the nan gyi dok (coconut curry chicken with fried onions and wonton, egg and yellow peas).  the rest of my go – to dishes on the menu include the fried green beans, the sesame chicken, pumpkin pork stew.  sometimes, if there is a lot of us eating, i’ll get the mango chicken as well.

for dessert, their platha bread with fruits and coconut ice cream is my favorite.  it’s original, it’s filling and it’s delicious!iphone2 108


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