Red Tea and Skin?

I have a patient with really, really dry skin.  mom is constantly applying thick moisturizers, we use ointments, we avoid foods she tested positive for allergies to, we have dermatologists and allergists involved, mom uses appropriate soaps and detergents – you get the picture.  then one day, the child comes into clinic with significantly improved skin.  when i asked mom what she had done differently, she said that a “grandma” in the neighborhood told her to bathe her child in red tea and it worked!  it was not a long term fix – the skin was still dry and would occasionally flare up with eczema, but significantly less after regular baths with red tea.

i googled “red tea and skin” and found out that red tea is known to be good for skin.  it helps with cleansing, calming, and anti-aging.

a few weeks later, my friend from sephora was telling me about her meeting with the folks at ole henriksen®.  i had a few samples at home by them, but was not very familiar with the line.  but the next thing she said immediately caught my attention – their best seller was an african red tea foaming cleanser!  so, of course i went online and bought it!

the cleanser is very light.  my skin is on the oily side and i really need a good cleanser to get out all the make up and dirt from my pores each day.  since just washing my face with my hands didn’t seem to get me a good clean with this product, i started using a facial cleansing brush (shown here is my favorite from sephora).  that did the trick.  i now use this daily with my brush and my skin feels much healthier!



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