my ultimate comfort food

i read a lot of food memoirs.  it is fascinating to me how smells and tastes can evoke emotions and i think there is something absolutely amazing about the power of comfort food.

during residency, i would have these horrible days and nights when kids would get really sick or, sometimes, even die.  the chef at my training hospital would take one look at me and tell me to get him a carton of milk from the refrigerator.  he then proceeded to make me french toast, no matter what time of the day it was.  ever since then, the hospital french toast has been my ultimate comfort food.  i mean, if it could get me through those dark days, it pretty much could get me through anything!

so, why is it so good?  it is made with a thicker bread, doused in a tub of egg, and then perfectly cooked on the hospital grill.  it also tastes pretty much the same in every hospital you go to.  the reproducible quality of this french toast has come in really handy on bad days now, when i waited for my sister to have her gallbladder removed in boston, and when i waited for my mom to have her cancer removed in santa barbara.

this was taken during my mom’s surgery in santa barbara.  while my dad smothered his order in butter and syrup, i was content with just a bit of powdered sugar and cup of coffee.  yum.


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