Elmwood Cafe

one of my best friends loves this place, so we decided to meet up for brunch here this morning.


you order at the front, right next to a case full of homemade baked goods.  they had biscuits, lemon raisin scones, raspberry cinnamon spice coffee cake, pumpkin muffins, croissants – it was hard not order one of these rather than their entrees!IMG_3010

so, i had to get one of each.  i got their poached egg sandwich (with heirloom tomatos, bacon, herbed mayo and arugala AND an order of their cinnamon currant toast with blackberry apple jam.

IMG_3021 IMG_3016

both delicious.  i loved how the mayo added just enough moisture and flavor the sandwich.  a little messy to eat but would definitely order this again!

my friends got the quiche made with fresh herbs – light and fluffy – and the breakfast sandwich.  mmm.

IMG_3018 IMG_3017

simple flavors but filling.  really nicely done!  just have to time it right to beat the crowds!


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