IMG_2988  i am always trying to support local businesses.  so, when an italian restaurant with a wood fired oven opened in a nearby mall next to an applebees©, i was ready to check it out.

sharing the meal with my sister, we ordered a pizza and pasta.  the pizza had a great crust but the toppings were way too many.  on top of the crust was a layer of fresh mozzarella – still in chunks, dotted all over the pie – with some truffle oil.  then came a layer of mushrooms, arugala, and prosciutto.  and if that was not enough, shavings of parmigiano reggiano to finish it off.  it was hard to eat with toppings falling off and the scissors given to cut the pie, couldn’t even get through all the layers cleanly!


IMG_2993 we then shared the seafood pasta, which they graciously split into two servings for us to share.  i have to say, this pasta was perfectly cooked with a delicious sauce and fresh seafood.  i was impressed with how well this dish came out, especially after the pizza.

IMG_3041  i was impressed enough to go back later in the week to try a dish that caught my eye but didn’t order the first time.  this was their ravioli with braised oxtail.  the pasta was great, the oxtail was nice and tender, but the sauce was way overpowered by the flavor of cheese.  it was hard to taste the oxtail and the extra shavings on top of parmigiano reggiano did not help at all.

but good enough to keep me intrigued.  i still need to taste their wood fired rotisserie.  so, until next time…

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