wise sons

i had gone to a school that was jewish affiliated.  what i remember most are the pastrami, cornbeef, and egg salad sandwiches, pickles, and potato salads that filled our school sponsored lunches.  i was so excited to try this place because it had a menu full of items that are nostalgic for me and it’s been a while since i have had good jewish deli food.

first off, the pickles, coleslaw, and potato salad were delicious.  those are items often left half finished with a hearty sandwich, but today, ever single morsel was finished.   and everything is served on rye!  i love rye!

iphone4slastbackup 3802  reuben – my cousin’s favorite and so delicious.  we chose to have it with corned beef.  russian dressing, cheese and sourkraut came with and together on the griddled bread was wonderful.

iphone4slastbackup 3801  hand sliced hot pastrami on rye.  the flavor of this meat was great.

iphone4slastbackup 3800 egg salad sandwich.  the pickles and the dill on top were perfect.  i love egg salad in general and this was fantastic.

next was matzo ball soup.  i have some foodie friends who really enjoy it at Max’s opera house, but i think this one is far better.  the airiness of this matzo ball is not only delicate and really allowed the soup to soak through.  on a raining/foggy san francisco day, this really hit the spot!

iphone4slastbackup 3799



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