and sew on…

a couple of years ago, my good friend asked me to take a sewing class with her.  being on the short and stout side, i’m always needing to hem and alter my clothes.  so, i said “sign me up!”

iphone2 701  my first sewing project – an a line skirt with the class machine.

we took our classes at Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in berkeley.  this shop has the best fabric selection i have seen in this area of the country.  it is no MOOD©, but it will do for a budding designer like me. 🙂  the people who work there are pretty helpful and the instructors are great.  within weeks, i was making all of my own clothes!

IMG_5088 iphone2 948 iphone2 935


last week on project runway©, Heidi Klum commented that one of the designs looked like a McCall’s© sew it yourself at home projects.  i’m still at that point, but as i get more used to my machine and the techniques, i hope to branch out soon!

IMG_4725 IMG_5148 IMG_5089 IMG_5095

but for now, it’s more clothes for me and gifts for friends!

iphone2 970 a hat for one of my little friends

iphone2 968 and about 20 of my friends got PJ pants for christmas that year!

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