arts in the park

while i was lucky enough to have been exposed to the arts at a young age, i recognize that not everyone has seen a play or a musical or a ballet.  i also realize that i am very fortunate to have the means to continue to enjoy such productions today.  for these reasons, i think that having public and free productions in the park are so important for extending arts appreciation.

the first time i saw shakespeare in the park, i was still a student and thrilled that i didn’t have to fork over that week’s food money for a ticket.  the play was “the merchant of venice”.

one of the big venues for arts in the park in the bay area is stern grove.  they have concerts throughout the year and each summer, the ballet and opera do a production.

here are the ballerinas in 2012 – none of the big name dancers were there, but pretty much all of the corps de ballet.

iphone 229

like at AT&T’s opera in the park, you get a lot of people who have never experienced this art form and may not give it the respect due.  but for art enthusiasts like myself,  it was more fun for me to see all the little girls in their tutus wanting to get a glimpse of the dancers on stage.  dream big, little girls!

so, if you are curious about the performing arts, don’t have a lot of money, or not sure if your kid will sit still for a 2-3 hour production, these events in the park are a cheap and great way to get your feet wet!

for shakespeare in the park in the bay area –

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