sports as an art

growing up, my dad would watch a lot of sports on TV.  to spend time with him, i would often watch with him and eventually learned all the basics on how the games worked.  this proved to be very useful in life, as i am able to watch/play sports with friends or go to games and not be totally lost on what is going on.  i do think that sports can be seen as an art – it takes a great deal of talent and finesse to be a great athlete and i enjoy a good game once in a while.

living in the bay area, i am surrounded by sports fans who are both loyal and passionate about their local teams.  my cousins, in particular, love their baseball!

iphone 222  my favorite part of AT and T park, home of the giants, is their food.  pulled pork sandwiches, garlic fries, ghiradelli hot chocolate – i almost don’t know what to choose sometimes!  i also respect the city’s use of the stadium to make arts more accessible to the public.  a few years, i saw “samson and delilah” the opera at AT and T during one of their “opera at the park” nights.  while it was free, it was interesting to watch people who would not otherwise go to the opera be able to experience the production.  i was a little frazzled watching some drunken members of the audience dancing between the bases to the music, but i guess if i wanted a more serious audience, i would have just gone to the opera house!

IMG_4637 across the bay is the O.Co stadium, home of the A’s.  i like the more laid back feel at this stadium and the tickets here are way cheaper  and this is the home of Moneyball!  i think the food is pretty good here too, even the chicken strips and fries at the value deck stand.  you don’t need all the bells and whistles if your basic ballpark food is good.  like AT and T, they have firework nights during the summer as well and, even compared to disneyland, i have to say they are pretty impressive.

iphonebackup 064  last season, my friend found great seats on stub hub© to a home game for the Golden State Warriors against the Sacramento Kings  it was so exciting to watch things so close to the court and i even ended up on TV!

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