the art of bundt cakes

nothing is more satisfying than taking a perfectly baked bundt cake out of the pan.  there is a delicate balance of leaving the cake to cool long enough in the pan to set and making sure the pan is well greased.  i prefer to use a spray on oil with flour than real butter and flour, but probably should start moving away from spray cans.  anyhow, i have it down to a science and it feels so good to show off!

IMG_5369 IMG_5371 IMG_5372

my favorite bundt cake recipe is the amaretto chocolate bundt cake from the complete magnolia bakery cookbook by Jennifer Appel and Allysa Torey.  another fun source of recipes for bundt cakes is kiss my bundt – recipes from the award winning bakery by Chrysta Wilson.  my favorite from that is the pistachio flavored!


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