one of the places i go to clear my head is 4th street in berkeley.  they have my favorite stores, anthropologie© and sur la table©. as well as a peet’s coffee© and THE crate and barrel© outlet store.

they also have this gem of a restaurant – iyasare.  rustic japanese food done beautifully and one of my favorite places to stop and refuel for more shopping. 🙂

i always start with their kakiage tempura.  made from julienned  burdock root, yellow onion, sweet potato and shitake mushroom served with a bonito soy dipping sauce and some green tea and flavored salts.  so original and earthy, deep fried beautifully.  the depth added by the broth and the salts make each bite incredible.  i could eat this everyday.

iphone4slastbackup 3956

their chirashi bowls are beautiful and the sushi is super fresh.  i’ve had it twice and have been equally impressed both times.

iphone5may2014 140

my sister loves japanese curry and this was on their menu on easter sunday.  made with chicken, potatoes, and carrots, the flavor was spot old and really good comfort food.

iphone5may2014 139

my dessert of choice is their green tea gelato.  when i was in japan, i ate so much green tea ice cream.  their ice cream had a green tea flavor that i have never been able to find here in the US.  i was overjoyed when haagan daaz© started to sell their green tea ice cream here, but it’s not quite the same.  in asia, they sell a haagan daaz© ice cream sandwich made with green tea ice cream, covered in a candy coating, and then sandwiched with wafer cookies.  it is incredible.  this dessert at iyasare comes close – with the wafer on the side, the flavor of the gelato is great and i enjoyed every bite.

iphone4slastbackup 3958


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