right across from the ACT and Curran theatre is this great mexican bistro.  given it’s proximity to the theatres and their hefty tequila selection, i am often here for either a pre or post theatre meal.

what do i love the most?  their house made tortillas and guacamole made table side.  you decide how spicy you want the guac.  it’s fresh and delicious.

iphone2 973

my go to dish is their pato en mole verde pipian – duck breast with green mole and pumkin seeds.  so delicious and perfectly cooked each time!iphone2 974

they also have a great brunch with a mexican style eggs benedict and omelets (you can get carnitas, chicken or veggies inside).

iphone2 881iphone4slastbackup 3429

it’s hard to walk in and get a seat during meal times – i know, i’ve tried before but the seating at the bar turns over pretty quick.  of all the more touristy places around union square, this is good quality!

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