i used to live down the street from K town in LA and one of my favorite places to go to was BCD on wilshire boulevard.  it is actually a chain but the quality is great as is the price.  one of my favorite meals was a combo of soondubu (tofu soup in a stone pot) and some grilled kalbi (ribs) or bulgogi (beef).

IMG_4453 IMG_4454 (pics from my last visit to BCD)

recently, i was at a friend’s house and she made me soondubu for dinner.  but before i could shower her with accolades, she told me about these soondubu starter kits by BCD!  so, of course, i had to check it out!  my friend bought hers at a local japanese market but i found mine at my local korean market.  i have yet to see them at ranch 99.

i bought medium spicy, which ended up not being that bad (this is coming from someone who traveled through korea with a note stating “i don’t eat spicy” which i showed to every waitress/food place we encountered!).  it ended up filling up a pot bigger than expected and so i got to enjoy this for several meals!  not as good as the real thing, but good enough to fix my craving for soondubu!


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