layer cakes

i love layer cakes – the fillings give the cake some extra moisture and lets you get creative.  after all, the cake is like a canvas and your potential for flavor and texture contrast are endless.  while they can be prettier with fondant, i think it’s okay to go old school sometimes.

german chocolate cake with a coconut pecan filling.  i think the filling is sweet enough to contrast the cake, so any frosting would just be overpowering.  i prefer to keep it simple like this:

iphone5may2014 144iphone5may2014 143

i think fruit in the middle always adds a good texture and moisture to each layer.  i like using jam and fruit rather than frosting and fruit because it keeps the cake from getting too soggy.

iphone2 1112

then you can play around with the outside…

iphone2 1113iphone4slastbackup 3465

when considering toppings, think about what flavors go well together.  in this case on the right, i put some sliced almonds as that goes well with the raspberries.

already have a cake with texture?  keep your fillings simple.

iphone2 936 this is a coconut cake with pineapple frosting in between.

and who says that you have to stick with round cakes?  get creative! iphone 211

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