a few hours outside of barcelona in spain, there is a monastery on top of a mountain known as montserrat.  literally translated into “serrated mountain”, the name describes the rugged terraine that surrounds this place of worship.  monks still reside here and it is a popular place to go on an excursion.

once you get to the mountain, you take a funicular train up to the top.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the views from the mountain are breathtaking! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

it is incredible to see this monastery nestled into the hills. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

known as santa maria de monserrat, this basilica is a place of pilgrimage for many catholics.


inside the sanctuary is the black madonna (the color is due to oxidizing of the metal). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

everyday at noon, a boys choir perform a few pieces for the tourists and pilgrims that come.  they even sell CD’s of their music at the gift shop!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA they are really good!

across the monsastery, there is cafeteria to feed you and a museum about the history of this famous place of pilgrimage.  on a nice day, you could hike and spend a whole day enjoying your surroundings.  definitely worth taking a day trip to!

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