temple of poseidon

the tip of the peninsula in greece is also known as cape sounion.  here the waves of the aegean sea can be quite strong as they crash against the rocks.


legend says that it is here that King Aegeus lept off to his death, hence the sea being named after him.  many myths and legends have men dying while sailing around this area because of the high currents and dnager.  temple of poseidon (the god of sea) was built as a place for mariners to worship and ask for protection on their sea voyages.  most of it is ruin now, but it is an interesting day trip from athens.

it is super duper windy and you can really appreciate how strong the currents are down below.  the ruins at sunset are beautiful, though there is not much to see other than this.


it is super rocky here and with the wind, you have to be careful to not tumble into the sea.

we went on this excursion after a fantastic tour through greece.  i don’t know if we were all “ruined out” or if the tour guide just sucked, i wouldn’t recommend this unless you had nothing else to do or if you are really into history and/or mythology.

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