sydney opera house

a few years ago, i had a chance to visit sydney, australia.  while i was there, i had the amazing experience of seeing the australian ballet perform “madame butterfly” at the sydney opera house.  the most prominent feature in the sydney harbour, the building is a true piece of art in itself.

the opera house is really pretty.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

around the harbor and leading up to opera house, there are places to eat and to just sit and enjoy the scene.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

i spent many hours there, soaking in the sun and watching people pass by.

but i’ll never forget the performance i saw that night.  the talent was amazing!  i have season tickets to the SF Ballet and, that night, i was sitting around season ticket holders to the australian ballet.  one woman told me that she had a chance to see the SF ballet once and that was an experience of a lifetime.  i turned to her and said “ditto, fellow ballet friend, ditto.”

inside the opera house.

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