Housed in a renovated marketplace in downtown Oakland, Cosecha was recently recognized by the SF Chronicle as a place to get good Mexican food.  I have been here several times and have always been impressed with it’s flavors and quality of the food.

Their menu is hearty and diverse, with dinner options being quite similar to lunch.  In addition to the requisite chips with salsa and guacamole for appetizers, they have soups, salads, cheese with peppers, beans.  Here is their pozole (mexican chicken soup).  The depth of flavor in this soup is incredible with lime adding some tartness to balance things out.


For lunch, they have daily “blue plate specials”, where you can get “tacos of the day” with a bowl of beans and guacamole.  these are their fried fish tacos – the special for wednesday and thursday.

IMG_3548  These are probably the best fish tacos I have ever had.  The batter is hot and airy with the fish perfectly cooked inside.  the sauce and red onion on top were delicious and really brought a great contrast in flavor and texture to the tacos.  yum.

Also, for lunch, you can get special of 2 tacos and an agua fresca.  They have 4 types of tacos to choose from but these are my favorite – their braised pork with red onion and their pork belly.

IMG_3549  Both are incredibly tender and flavorful.  Served with lime and pickled onion to provide some acid to balance the fat, these are absolutely delicious.

Each day, they have a cucumber lime agua fresca that is very refreshing.  I’ve had cucumber water many times at a spa, but this drink is on a whole different level.  the cucumber flavor is very intense and the lime adds a really nice brightness to it.  They have daily flavors too, but i can never resist the cucumber lime with my taco special!

IMG_3544  And chips with salsa and guacamole – so good and hard to resist!

Besides the agua fresca, they have horchata and variety of other fun drinks – like a pomegranate ginger ale and mexican cola to a great sangria at dinner!

Can’t make it for lunch?  Do not fear because, like I said before, their menus is quite similar at dinner.  They also have a happy hour on weekdays, where you can get some tacos with your drink, and a brunch on weekends too.





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