Today, my good friend Anne and I headed down to the Piccino for Sunday brunch.  Located in the “dogpatch” area of town, this was a delightful find!

Starting off with a basket of pastries with butter and a persimmon-pear jam, these confections were piping hot out of the oven when they got to the table.  We had a muffin, a scone, and a banana bread – all baked perfectly and stood well on their own.  The persimmon-pear jam was delicious but overpowering to the baked goods and would probably done better with just fresh bread.


Next, an appetizer with curried grains, roasted cauliflower and a pistachio gremolata.  I did not taste the pistachio but this was a great and healthy little bite.IMG_3721

For me, I had the pulled pork hash – made with blue potatoes, butternut squash, radish, and an egg on top.  So flavorful!


And Anne had the baked egg – packed full of flavor from tomatoes, herbs and cheese!


A bonus for an artist who loves to support local artists, I was excited to find Rickshaw© across the street!  A local company that makes urban messenger bags and bags featuring sites around the bay area, it was a fun place to shop off some calories!


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