Disney on Ice

This past weekend, my good friend invited me to see Disney On Ice© with her and her three little girls.  I’ll admit, this is not my first Disney On Ice©, but it was my first time seeing the “World of Fantasy”!

The show started with Mickey and Minnie Mouse driving in on a cute red convertible!

IMG_3579  They had some car trouble that Goofy and Donald couldn’t solve, segwaying into a bit with the cast of “CARS”.

Ramone, Mater, Flo, Sally, Lighting McQueen all came out for a bit of racing around the ice!


Then came the cast of “The Little Mermaid”.  The cast was fantastic – skating beautifully across the ice with jumps and twirls.  Ariel and Prince Eric had some great doubles skating moments with lifts.


Next up was Tinkerbell and her crew from Pixie Hollow.  Taking bits from the beloved movie, you get to see Tinkerbell embrace her role as a Tinker and see the fairies bring in spring.  Their skating was also fantastic – I was so impressed with their talent and all the costumes!


After a brief intermission, the cast of “Toy Story 3” came out and did a brief replay of the movie.


Once all the toys were free and Andy went off to college, the cast spent some time skating around the ice.

To close out the show, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy bid the audience farewell.

IMG_3705  So much FUN!

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