Little Green Cyclo

I stumbled upon this food truck featuring Vietnamese cuisine at Off the Grid© this past weekend (  With beautiful photos of Vietnam on a green truck signifying their commitment to a cleaner planet, I got in line to check it out.

For the main dish, you get to choose a protein and how you want to eat it (sandwich, rice bowl, noodles).  I choose their lemongrass pork and bread to make a banh mi!  (see my post on “banh mi” to understand more of my love for this sandwich)

IMG_3778  The sandwich was narrower than I am used to and at least a foot and half long, but the flavors were all there.  The lemongrass pork was super flavorful and there was just enough bread and vegetables to balance things out.

I got their spring roll special – which was more pickled veggies than spring roll.  This was just ok – much what you would expect anywhere else.

To finish things off, I got their “shut eyes wide”drink, which is 1/2 Vietnamese coffee and 1/2 Thai iced tea.  While I love both drinks individually, the combination was horrible.  Tasted like a malted Ovaltine© and left weird aftertaste in my mouth.

All the food used is locally sourced and organic, which I think is fantastic.  I am spoiled to work in an area where great Vietnamese food is easily accessible, so I’m glad that there is this truck to bring this cuisine to areas where it’s harder to find..

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