Curry Up Now

Curry Up Now© is a popular local food truck featuring Indian cuisine served in unique ways.  Beyond a food truck now, it has branched out as a restaurant in 4 different locations throughout the bay area.

I have only eaten at the food truck, where I tend to order items that are easier to eat on the go.  I have eaten here a couple of times now and both times have gotten their burritos.  I’m kind of a wimp with spicy foods and BOY are these spicy!!!  I’m used to eating Indian food with a lot of rice or naan.  So, having a burrito of some rice but a generous portion of filling wrapped in a tortilla was like having a heat explosion in my mouth.

This is the chicken tikka masala burrito:

IMG_3782  Very flavorful, but very spicy.  Everything is suppose to be cooked “medium” spicy and can be hotter if you want.  This is barely ok for me and both times I was unable to finish this on my own.

This is the hella vegan burrito, which is filled with samosas, pico de gallo, and chutney:

IMG_3783  This is also really hot, but it has many yummy flavors and textures going on inside.  I love samosas and there are WHOLE samosas with fried wrapper inside the burrito!  There are also chick peas, rice, and onions.  I couldn’t taste the chutneys in this but I think it would have been more successful if I could – that would offer a better balance of flavors in the burrito.  Overall, it is bold and hot, but much more interesting to me that the chicken tikka masala one.

So, if you love spice and want to try something different with Indian food, go check them out!

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