Dessert Trucks

I have a huge sweet tooth and, for me, there is always room for dessert!  At food truck festivals like Off the Grid©, no matter how many trucks I have eaten at already, I always end the meal with one of these!

IMG_3966  Frozen Kuhsterd – this is four barrel coffee and cookies and cream.  Here, you can try a variety of frozen custards that are creamy and delicious.  In addition to a lot of really great flavors (and no weird ones, thank goodness), they have several options for sundaes and fun ways to eat your dessert.  At the cart, they also sell Dynamo Doughnuts© and Mission Mini Cupcakes©, both of which are local vendors in the Mission District of San Francisco.  There is word that Frozen Kuhsterd will set up shop near them soon, but for now, let’s follow the truck!

iphone2 1079  The Creme Bruleé Cart.  What I think is amazing about this truck is that all of their creme bruleé is cooked perfectly on the spot.  Too many times I have had this in restaurants where the top was torched too early and melting by the time it was served, but not here!  And the custard is great too!

iphone2 940  CupKates.  I remember when she first started, this cart was all the rage.  Everyone I knew was following her on facebook© and twitter© to find out where she was going to be that day!  As someone who makes a lot of cupcakes, I think this is a great truck.  The cake is moist and the toppings are all very interesting.  Sometimes, though, I think she can go overboard with the toppings but if you stick with the classics, you are in for a nice treat!

yeah, dessert!

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