bananas about bananas

My favorite fruit to bake with is the banana.  It’s natural starch and sweetness brings a certain depth of flavor to my confections that I like very much.  The hospital I round at gives us free bananas in the doctor’s dining room.  My staff likes to joke that they know when I’ve been on call because the week will be full of banana inspired goodies.  Here are some highlights:

1)  Chocolate bread pudding with bananas, recipe courtesy of Cook’s Illustrated.


2)  Banana bread.  With SO many different recipes out there, how do you even choose one?  Featured here is a banana bread courtesy of a hopsital fundraiser cookbook:


And then the Ultimate Banana Bread, recipe courtesy of Cooks’ Illustrated.  This recipe is really great – I have made it several times.  The moistness comes from cooking down some bananas before adding them to the batter.  I like to add some rum to my banana mixture to add a little extra something in the flavor profile!


3)  Oatmeal cake with a banana rum filling.  I don’t usually have time to sit and eat breakfast, so I’m always trying to reinvent breakfast recipes into something I can eat later on in the day.  In the Cook’s Illustrated cookbook, they have a recipe for oatmeal with a banana rum topping and a recipe for an oatmeal cake.  SO, I combined these two concepts into a layer cake.  Oatmeal cake with the banana rum filling and covered with buttercream frosting.  yum.


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