Walnut Tarts

This week’s confections are celebrations of the walnut through tarts!

First up is a Fig Walnut Tart, recipe from Cook’s Illustrated©.


The topping is made from dried figs reconstituted in water and brandy, simmered with sugar until all the liquid has been evaporated.  Walnuts and some orange essence are added once the fig mixture is off the stove.  The recipe actually calls for orange zest, which I didn’t have but the orange essence provided the same effect.  The mixture is then poured on top of a raw crust and baked together.  This allows the crust to bake into the filling and create a more cohesive tart (vs. one where the topping can be picked off and eaten separately from the crust).

Since I was bringing this into work to share, I made a rectangle tart, which is easier to cut and distribute.


Next is a Chocolate Caramel Walnut Tart, recipe also from Cook’s Illustrated.


Here, the you start with a walnut crust that is half baked.  Then layers of walnuts, caramel, and a chocolate mixture are added on top.

IMG_4335  The tart then goes back into the oven for another 30 min or so to allow the chocolate mixture to bake through (there are 2 egg yolks inside).  After the tart has cooled, it goes into the refrigerator overnight.  End product?  A tart that tastes like a candy bar!


Cut up into squares, you have this week’s walnut loving confections!


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