Persimmon Bread

My parents grow fuyu persimmons in their backyard.  When harvest time comes, we often have boxes and boxes to give away to family and friends.  Sometimes, we just can’t eat them fast enough!

For this reason, I’m always on the lookout for recipes to bake with the fuyu variety.  Most sweet recipes call for the Hachiya variety because they are softer and easier to bake.  Most savory recipes use the fuyu with roasted or grilled meats because they are firm enough to hold their own in the cooking process.

Recently, my mom a big box of fuyu from her garden.

IMG_4297  Pretty!

And I found this recipe online:

While it calls for the Hachiya, it does suggest a possible substitution with pure pumpkin puree.  So, why not a FUYU puree??  And that’s what I set out to do.

I cut and peeled the entire box, threw them in my dutch oven with some rum and cooked it down.


About 30 min later, the fruit became super soft and easy to puree with my hand held blender.IMG_4418

I added the puree into the batter with some raisins and into the oven they went…

And one box of fuyu became 2 bundts and 3 loaves!


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