One of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley, California is Gather.  Featuring California cuisine and keeping the mantra of local farm to table, their regularly changing menus keep dining here always interesting and delicious.

I recently dined here for Sunday brunch.  Not being able to decide what to eat, I ordered both a savory AND a sweet entree. 🙂

For sweet, I got their ACME© walnut french toast with braised grapes, maple syrup, and mascarpone.

IMG_4475-0  The toast was perfect and the grapes added just the right amount of tart sweetness.  The mascarpone was so creamy that I thought it was butter!

For savory, I got their poached eggs with pork shoulder ragout, white beans, and fermented jalapeno yogurt.  I couldn’t taste the yogurt very well but the ragout was fantastic.


In fact, I have always been a fan of their poached egg dishes.  This is their poached egg with hash from months ago.  I loved it so much, I would have licked the plate had I not been been sitting at the bar!  So, to be civilized, I asked for some bread to clean the plate instead!


Other notable dishes are their Lucky Dog Ranch Burger (available at lunch AND dinner) and Pizzas.   Cooked in their wood fired oven, there are various different kinds of pizzas offered throughout the day.  I have yet to eat one I didn’t like!

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