gel moisturizers

I have very oily skin.  Over the years, it has been hard to find a moisturizer that doesn’t 1) accentuate my shine, 2) make me break out, 3) make me feel even more oily.

During my trip to South Korea, I discovered Skin Food© and their water jelly moisturizers.  A water based cream, it is light and makes me feel/look great.  Unfortunately, my suitcase (and custom restrictions) could only let me bring so much back!  But do not fear, these “jellies” or water based creams are becoming more accessible here in the states.

There are now Skin Food© shops here in the US.  The only down side is, due to taxes, the products are more expensive here than in Asia.  Their Lettuce Cucumber Water Jelly, one of Allure’s top picks in Asia, is available here and one of my favorites.  I use this everyday!  They also make a Royal Honey Hydro cream that is a little denser and works great as a night cream for me.

At Sephora© (afterall, I am a VIB rouge!), Clinique© has a gel form of their best selling dramatically different moisturizer that I love.  Also great for me, and similar to my water jellies, are Origin©’s Ginzeng moisturizer and Philosphy©’s Take a Deep Breath moisturizer.


Recently, I got a sample of Cover FX©’s BB gel – BB cream but in a gel form.  This is fantastic – goes on great and feels as light as my gel moisturizers!  The trick is knowing what is the right amount, but it is definitely going on my list of loves!

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