Feel Good Pies

I love Feel Good Bakery in Alameda, California (see post on “Feel Good” and website at http://www.feelgoodbakery.com/products.php).  Recently at a work meeting, my boss ordered some of their pies and tarts to share.  I had always seen their pies but never had a chance to try them before…

IMG_7945  (the glass case at the bakery)

At the meeting, we had a pumpkin chocolate pie, lemon curd tart, strawberry and rhubarb pie, pomegranate tart, and a pear and almond.  My favorite were the latter two.

IMG_4517  I have never had a pomegranate tart before and was eager to try it!  OMG, it was DELICIOUS!  At room temperature, the filling had the texture of a runny lemon curd, so it is best eaten when chilled firm.  Encased by a standard tart crust that went perfectly with the sweet and tart filling, I savored every bite.

I am a huge fan of pear and almond tarts in general, and this one hit the spot.  The almond filling was perfect – not too sweet or dense.  And there with just enough pear and almonds on top for a great contrast of textures.

Feel Good does it once again – and now we can take it to go!

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