Off the coast of Malaysia, there is the island of Langkawi.  Wanting to take a beach break during our travels through Southeast Asia, we made a stop here in 2006.


Resorts lined the ocean front for those seeking a beach getaway.  Alas, we were there in April and rainstorms were a daily threat.  Due to the weather, we ended up not spending any time on the beach, as the waves were rough and the waters were murky.

We stayed in a more rustic resort, but beautiful nonetheless.  It’s actually raining when I took this picture, but what a gorgeous view from our room!


On the property, they had traditional Malay homes set up to show you how the locals lived.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  See how they are set up high to protect themselves from flooding?

Disappointed that the waters were too rough to swim in during our stay, we tried to make up for that by going to the local aquarium to see some cool sea friends.


While I was glad to have the chance to visit Langkawi, it is unlikely I’d go back.  Granted my impression had a lot to do with the weather at the time, there are still so many islands and places left for me to explore in the South Pacific.  But I do have friends who have had great vacations in Langkawi since then, so we’ll see – never say never and always be ready for an adventure!

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