NiDo for brunch

There is a renovated warehouse at the entrance to 880 South from downtown Oakland that I have often noticed and wondered what it was.  Thanks to my good foodie friend, I discovered that it is the restaurant NiDo.  Serving up “seasonally inspired” Mexican food, I checked it out for brunch this weekend.

The ambiance was very cool –

IMG_7645  It was like warehouse meets taco stand, but in a classy way.

I started the meal off with a cocktail – a margarita de fruta.  The “de fruta” part is suppose to be a seasonal fruit puree, and mine was pear and elderwater.

IMG_7646  This was actually quite delicious and the tequila was so smooth that the alcohol didn’t really hit me until I had slurped most of this down!

To start, we got the empanadas:

IMG_7649  Filled with a flavorful mixture of shrimp, chiles, and tomatoes, the corn pastry was perfectly baked.  Paired with a slaw of picked vegetables and avocado, it was delicious with and without the tomatillo chile dipping sauce.

Next came the Chilaquiles Verde Con Pollo, which was tortilla chips cooked with a green salsa, pulled chicken, a poached egg, cilantro, crema fresca and cheese.  One word – WOW.  Loved every bite of this and will definitely come back for more and to try their steak version!


To end the meal on a sweet note, we got a small order of their pancakes (made with cheese and lemon) with raspberry, whipped cream, and house made dulce de leche.

IMG_7648  This was meh – just like our service.  Good concept with good intentions, but fell short of expectations.  The pancake was not fluffy and quite dense.  The raspberries overpowered the dulce de leche and you can see the whipped cream had completely melted by the time it got to our table.  Our server forgot my friend’s coffee until the meal was almost done, asked us twice what we ordered (AFTER she already took it), and chocked up her performance to lack of sleep.  Quite unprofessional, but we got our food and that was enough to make me go back again.

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