One of the easiest things to crochet is a beanie.  It’s fast, it’s simple, and once you get the hang of it, the potential for variation is endless.  In the past, I’ve made boxes of beanies in my spare time and sent them to cancer treatment centers to bless their patients and families.  Here are some of my favorite designs but hope that you never have to encounter one of my boxes…

1)  The ribbed beanie


2)  The striped beanie


Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and colors or even put some fun embellishments on!


3)  The pineapple beanie


4)  The cross over or spike striped beanie.  This is my own pattern but many books have some variation of this.


5)  The cabled beanie.  This is a variation in a pattern I found in Crochet Boutique Hats by Rachael Oglesby.


6)  Just a plain old beanie with a great yarn


End product?  A box of joy to share with those who could use some love…


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