Last bars of the year

For the past year, I’ve been working my way though all of the baked confections in Cook’s Illustrated big cookbook.  As 2014 comes to a close, I am ending the year with the three confections that I had left to try.

1)  Classic brownie with a coconut pecan topping


This is delicious.  The topping is very much like the coconut-pecan frosting I like to use with a german chocolate cake.  Very decadent and probably best not to eat it all at one time.

2)  Raspberry-blueberry Streusel bars


Hard to do in the wintertime when fresh raspberries (which is what the recipe called for) are hard to find and expensive if you find them.  So, I used a combination of frozen raspberry and blueberries mixed into raspberry preserves as my fruit filling mixture.  It actually turned out quite well!  The fruit mixture is sandwiched between a classic shortbread and a topping made of shortbread pieces, oatmeal, and pecans.  YUM.

The recipe also gives variations to use all blueberry or all strawberry as well.  Ideas to ponder…

3)  Classic lemon bars


This a classic recipe.  No frills and whistles – just celebrating the lemon and letting it shine.

So, on to new ideas for 2015?  Well, given how delicious these turned out, these recipies may revisit us again real soon.

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