feel good bakery – revisited!

I have posted a couple of times before about Feel Good Bakery (see posts entitled “feel good” and “feel good pies”), but I wanted to post again about my latest food adventures there.

On Saturday, I set out to get some bread to go with the broccoli soup with raisin cream I was making later that day (recipe found in this month’s issue of Food and Wine®).  The selection at Feel Good is always great, but I decided to go with their seeded baguette for my soup and a currant walnut loaf for this week’s breakfast.


As I waited in line for a good 20 min in front of cases of these goodies, it was hard to not order everything when it became my turn.



SO, I got these:


1)  A slice of their pomegranate tart – not as tart as lemon and delicious on a shortbread crust.  It is even better when eaten chilled.

2)  Cupcakes – red velvet with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting.  These cupcakes are as good as mine – moist and delicious but not too flaky where it completely falls apart when you take a bite (the trick is in the ratio of cake to all purpose flour).  The frostings were not too sweet and had good flavor.

3)  Macarons – today’s selection was chocolate and maple bacon.  The maple bacon cream was bold and flavorful, and unlike anything I’ve ever had before!

So, once again – always good and never dissappoints.  Can’t wait to go back!


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