little house cafe

Recently, I cut back on my weekend hours at work and now use that time to find cute places to eat brunch instead.  One of the places a couple of my foodie friends like to rave about is Little House Cafe in Alameda, California.

I had been there once in the past but decided to check it out again this past weekend.  For the holidays, they had a couple of black and white striped stocking covered legs with ruby skates on out front, as a reference the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.  I love that kind of humor and it went along with the hip vibe inside.

IMG_7942  A casual affair, you order and pay for your food at the counter inside.  At the counter, there is a range of baked goods for you to choose from to eat with your self served coffee.  I chose a morning bun, which was quite good with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar.


If you order hot food, you get a marker with a street name from Alameda to put on your table for the waiter to see.  I think that this is a nice touch in making the place feel like a local joint.


In the past, I have tried their “eggs benny” and french toast.  I remembered both being alright but not memorable enough to think it was good or bad.  My sister had their omelet last time and thought it was quite tasty.  Today, I got their corned beef hash with scrambled eggs and spinach.  It came out like this:


This was terrible.  There was no salt or flavor to either the eggs or corned beef.  I found it odd that the proteins were placed directly on top of raw spinach with no means to unify all of the components.  I only ate it because I had come directly from the gym and was starving.

All in all, it’s a homey place for locals to eat.  Not going to win any awards, but not bad to have around the corner.

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