More jellyfish

I love jellyfish!  And I could not resist this cute pattern for “Gordon (aka Sting) the Jellyfish” from Crocheted Softies by Stacey Troch.

For this guy, I followed the pattern pretty closely because it was my first time trying it out.  I changed the needle size to fit the width of this beautiful pink cotton yarn I found at my local yarn store.  I also played around with the placement of the eyes.

IMG_8096  Cute.

I then went on to make my own variations by changing yarn color, needles size, yarn width, and placement of eyes.  I made the thin tentacles thicker and sturdier with a row of sc crocheted in to the chain.


All together?  SUPER cute.


And don’t forget to pair up with matching accessories for cute gift ideas!


Blanket and Bootie designs by me.

For more of my jellyfish creations, see posts entitled “jellyfish” and “under the sea”

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