Palace BBQ

I love Korean BBQ and was so excited to discover Palace BBQ, an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant in Sunnyvale, California.  It is both delicious and affordable!

They have a wide variety of meat to choose from for the grill.  From Kalbi, spicy pork, bulgogi, and pork belly…

december2015 001

to even calamari and seafood.

december2015 008

YUM.  Each table has it’s own grill and the wait staff is great about making sure your grill stays grease free and your used dishes are cleared away in a timely manner.

IMG_7763  You would think that kind of service should be expected but not in my experience.  So, when it happens, one should definitely take note!

Like all good Korean restaurants, there is a wide variety of kimchee to choose from – including my favorites of zucchini and soft shell crab.

december2015 003

For variety, there is an entire buffet table full of cooked food.  They have stir fry, chicken wings, egg rolls, Jap Chae (korean noodle dish)

december2015 004

and my favorite fish!

december2015 005

They have a variety of soups as well – the seaweed one is delicious!

december2015 006

All in all, I’m always impressed when I come here.  The quality is great and the price is quite reasonable for a buffet (about $30/person with senior discount and children’s prices available).  You also get a free meal on your birthday!

So, be prepared to eat and be satisfied with a great meal…

december2015 020  (these are all of our bones at the end of the night!)

No website, here’s the yelp link:

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