Koi Palace

My favorite Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area is Koi Palace.  http://www.koipalace.com/

I have mentioned Koi Palace several times in this blog (see “po tats”, “egg tarts”, “xiao long baos”, “yan can cook”) because I think the food here is fantastic.  My family loves their dim sum and fixed dinner menus.

The dim sum here is fantastic:


Beautiful with a lot of variety.  Everything here is made perfectly and really delicious.

They’ve got these pots of veggies and proteins:

IMG_5541  that are filled with many interesting ingredients.  Abalone, shrimp, chicken feet, etc, make for a fantastic meal of flavors out of a bowl.

The fixed meals are pricey, but there is a lot of food and you always leave quite satisfied.  Since I’ve mentioned their dim sum in previous posts, I’m going to focus on their dinner menus today.

Each time I’ve dined here, their meals all start off with an appetizer plate like this:

IMG_7791 The amounts and variety of items in this dish vary with the number of people at the table and total cost of the meal.  I love their jellyfish – always crisp and tasty.

Next comes the elusive shark fin soup!  Real or not, it is always delicious…

december2015 036

Their vegetarian plates are filled with mushrooms, abalone, and chinese greens.

december2015 043  They sometimes differ in their use of mushrooms and abalone, but it’s the same general concept each time.

Sauteed peppered beef in a bird’s nest is the first meat dish.

iphone2 044  I love this nest of fried noodles but during December of 2014, it was missing.  Hmm.  I hope that is not a permanent change to this dish!

Crab claws remade into these delicious fried puffs are always a favorite.

iphone2 045  No one makes puffs like these – they are absolutely delectable!

You can then choose from a variety of meat dishes like this chicken and lamb bowl

december2015 038  Too gamey for me, but some of my family members really love it.

Steamed chicken with soy sauce…

december2015 050  Yes, that’s the head in front!

Or Peking duck, my nephew’s favorite!

december2015 045december2015 046

After the poultry, comes the seafood.  Like crab roasted with garlic

iphone2 049

Beneath the shell are bundles of vermicelli noodles to soak up the sauce.  Delish!

december2015 053

Their steamed fish is always perfectly tender and served with a delicate sauce.

iphone2 051

The meals all end with either a rice or noodle dish.  Plain rice is optional to the meal and can be ordered earlier on if you want.

december2015 055  By the time this dish comes, I am already pretty stuffed.  😛  BUT, I can tell you that this is even better the next day!

For dessert, you are served either a green bean or red bean soup, which I am not a fan of.  But my aunt is a frequent and loyal customer, and so we are sometimes gifted with mango pudding or sweet buns!  These are fantastic and easily found during they day with their dim sum.

december2015 056december2015 059

So, don’t assume chinese food is always greasy and gross – treat yourself to some authentic and delicious Chinese food at Koi Palace and you will be thoroughly impressed!

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