Umami revisited

Ever since my last post “umami!”, I’ve been craving a good burger.  So, why mess with perfection?  Here’s to another great meal at Umami Burger!

This time, I had their Sunny side burger – a crispy parmesan cheese twill with a fried egg, truffle butter, and truffled arugula.

IMG_8410  Truffled arugula, you might ask?  I don’t know how they did it but it was delicious!

Next came their Ahi tuna burger to mix things up a bit.  A seared tuna made into a burger patty with a wasabi tartar, avocado, daikon sprouts and gingered carrots.

IMG_8412   The flavors here were really delicate and subtle with a lot of Asian undertones.  But it worked really well, which surprised me because everything here is usually quite bold.

On the side, I had their tempura onion rings with a side of ranch dressing and house ketchup.  These were SO good – not like any I’ve had in an actual Japanese restaurant.  The batter was light and airy and went great with the sauces.

IMG_8416  And sodas are always served in a bottle!

What a great meal!

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