Always a sucker for sweets, it’s hard not to stop off and get a treat from Cako in downtown San Francisco!  I actually think they are pretty good – the toppings are always interesting and just enough to not overpower the cake.  The cakes are actually baked nicely with enough moistness to last a few days after purchase.  They have large and small options, which is always a bonus.  AND, they have macarons!

This week, I got a tray of cupcakes.  The big ones are (from left to right on top to bottom): samoas (an homage to the girl scout™ cookie!), cookie monster (cookies and cream), butterfinger®, and maple bacon.  All yummy, but my favorite is the maple bacon!  The small ones are the chocolate chocolate, salted caramel with chocolate cupcake, and champagne cupcake with strawberry frosting.  The strawberry champagne one is DELICIOUS!


The macarons flavors I got were rose (I cannot resist the florals), “fruity pebbles” (like the cereal), and thai tea.  The Thai tea one was INTENSE, which is what I like about their macarons – flavors are bold, real, and delicious.

With multiple locations in the San Francisco area, don’t hesitate to go in for a sweet pick me up!

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