Cookie Stack

This edition of weekly confections come directly from the cookie section of Baked: New Frontiers of Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.

1)  The Chocolate Chip Cookie.  This recipe calls for twice as much brown sugar as white, creating a brown butter type flavor to the cookie and making it one of the best I’ve ever made!


2) Black Forest Cookie.  A delicious chocolate cookie made with melted dark chocolate mixed into the batter with dried cherries, semisweet and white chocolate chips.  So soft and delicious and BETTER than chocolate cookies made with cocoa powder!


3)  Oatmeal Cherry Cookies.  The surprising and beautiful element of this is a 1/4 tsp of cardamon in the batter.  Plus I think the cherries work better than raisins!


4)  Monster Cookies.  This reminds me of the Ben and Jerry’s™ Ice Cream flavor, “Everything but the…”  It has EVERYTHING – peanut butter, oatmeal, M&M’s®, chocolate chips…  It’s crazy but delicious!IMG_8819-0

End product?  A gorgeous stack of cookies to eat along side a tall glass of milk!


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